The BBA Clubs

Entrepreneur Club Activities [BOB - Be Your Own Boss]:

  • Young/Building Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneur Club focuses on nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among students, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Creating Value for the Business: Students engage in activities and discussions that explore strategies for identifying customer needs, developing unique value propositions, and delivering exceptional products or services that meet market demands.
  • Motivation to the Employees: It organizes sessions and events focussed on inspiring and motivating individuals within an organization, highlighting effective leadership approaches, team-building strategies, and employee recognition techniques.
  • Defining Problems and Solving Them: Students engage in brainstorming sessions, case studies, and workshops that teach them how to identify business challenges, analyze root causes, and develop innovative solutions.

Marketing Club Activities [Idea Infectors]:

  • Create a Promotional Activity for an Existing Product: The Marketing Club encourages students to apply their marketing knowledge and creativity by developing promotional campaigns for existing products.
  • Explaining a Distributional Channel for a Service-Based Industry: Students explore various distribution models, analyze case studies, and discuss innovative approaches to effectively reach and serve customers in service-oriented sectors.
  • Introducing a New Strategy for Boosting Sales: Students research market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscapes to identify opportunities for growth.

Investment Club Activities [Money Heist]:

  • Stock Game: The Investment Club offers a stock market simulation game where students can learn and practice investment strategies in a risk-free environment.
  • Women in Finance: The club dedicates efforts to promote and empower women in the finance industry. It organizes events, panel discussions, and workshops featuring successful women leaders in finance.
  • Finance Planning: The c lub conducts workshops and sessions on personal nance planning, helping students develop essential nancial management skills.