The B.Com Club

Entrepreneurs Club:
  • Business plan competitions: The Entrepreneurs Club organizes exciting business plan competitions where students get the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and present business plans.
  • Pitch practice sessions: The club conducts pitch practice sessions to enhance students' pitching abilities and confidence.
  • Business event: The club hosts engaging business events that bring together aspiring entrepreneurs, industry experts, and successful business professionals.
  • Quiz: The club organizes quizzes focusing on entrepreneurship, startups, and business-related topics.
Investment Club:
  • Stock Market Analysis: The Investment Club offers students the opportunity to delve into the world of stock market analysis.
  • Demat Account opening: The club guides students in the process of opening Demat accounts, which are essential for trading and investing in the stock market.
  • Portfolio management: The club provides insights into effective portfolio management strategies, teaching students how to diversify investments, assess risk, and optimize returns.
  • Stock market games: The club organizes stock market games, simulation exercises that mimic real-life stock trading scenarios.
  • Following books on investment: The club encourages students to enhance their knowledge of investment by recommending influential books on the subject.
  • Discussions: The club facilitates discussions on investment-related topics, providing a platform for students to share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations.
Digital Marketing Club:
  • Product designing competitions: The Digital Marketing Club organizes product designing competitions where students can showcase their creativity and innovative ideas in designing new products or improving existing ones.
  • Advertisement banner: The club conducts activities focused on creating impactful advertisement banners.
  • Views on marketing strategies: The club provides a platform for students to share their insights and opinions on various marketing strategies.